Wildest Dreams

Alan Ayckbourn’s Wildest Dreams marked Alan’s Royal Shakespeare Company debut at the Barbican Theatre, London in 1993.
The play is about four misfits that role play in their living room. Each escaping their own awkward social realities. Their world is thrown apart by the arrival of a woman in need of their help.

Our Cast…

Joan Keane Buenaventura as Hazel Inchbridge (Idonia, Child of Many Tongues)
Earle Neil Gibson as Stanley Inchbridge (Alric, The Old Wise One)
Humberto Soriano as Warren Wrigley (Xenon, The Stranger)
Francisca Hoces as Rick Toller (Herwin, The Battle Champion)
Carlos Celedon as Austen Skate
Magdalena Del Solar as Marcie Banks
Jessica Leighanne as Thelma Wrigley
David Mac Lean as Larry Banks

Elizabeth Johnson (voice of) Pat Toller
Joshua Governale (voice of) Ken Martin

Directed by Zenan Delaney

Lighting – Simon Bohunko
Sound – Patrick Nixon
Make up – Macarena Estella
Set Design – Zenan Delaney
Stage Manager – Joshua Governale
House Manager – Elizabeth Johnson

Producer – Zenan Delaney

Poster final WD 2014

The venue…
Aula Magna, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Del Dessarrollo, Avenida Las Condes 12438, Las Condes.

The Dates…
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10th of May 2014

Doors open 7.40pm, Show starts at 8pm

Wildest Dreams dates

Wildest Dreams by Alan Ayckbourn.

Opens 8pm on May 6th, with additional performances on 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of May.
At the Aula Magna, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Del Desarrollo, Avenida Las Condes 12438.
Bookings and further information can be obtained by email through our contact form.

We look forward to entertaining you.

Million Donation

Santiago Stage proudly announces the donation of our treasury reserve of one million pesos.

Linda Peek one of our former presidents and Leslie Hemery treasurer, together with older members of Santiago Stage chose the Municipal School of Rungue, in the comuna of Tiltil to receive our one million peso reserve. The funds which the old members had helped to raise has been put to good use, buying desks and chairs for the students of this under-privileged school in rural Chile.

The reserve had been sitting in the treasury and was not used, hence it was time it was put to use and Leslie Hemery (treasurer) was asked to formerly donate it to the School to purchase much needed desks and chairs.

Leslie and myself (Zenan Delaney) will be visiting the school in the new school year to meet with the principal, teachers and students to look at other ways in which Santiago Stage can help the impoverished children of Rungue.

Santiago Stage wishes all the people of Rungue a prosperous 2014.

My best regards to our members and fans, without whom wonderful achievements like this would not be possible.


Zenan Delaney
Santiago Stage

Wildest Dreams 2014

Santiago Stage will present Alan Ayckbourn’s “Wildest Dreams” in May 2014. Venue and dates will be published in January.

The play is about a group of four misfits who play a Dungeons & Dragons type game in a typical suburban living room. Hazel is a frustrated and repressed housewife. Her meek sex starved husband Stanley and herself are joined by Warren a tech nerd and Rick a taciturn lesbian. To them the game is more than just a game, it’s a chance for them to be everything they are not. Beautiful, heroic and wise, qualities they do not posses in reality. The advent of Marcie escaping from her violent husband Larry blows apart the foursome and confusion ensues. Secrets spill and lives are upturned, before the end of the play lives are irrevocably transformed.

Wildest Dreams marked Alan Ayckbourn’s Royal Shakespeare Company debut at the Barbican Theatre in 1993.

Santiago Stage’s version of Wildest Dreams will be Directed Zenan Delaney

The cast of Actors is:

Stanley Inchbridge played by Earle Neil Gibson Lyman
Hazel Inchbridge played by Joan Keane Buenaventura
Warren Wrigley played by Humberto Soriano
Rick Toller played by Francisca Hoces
Marcie Banks played by Maida Del Solar
Austen Skate played by Carlos Celedon
Thelma Wrigley played by Jessica Leighanne
Larry Banks played by David Mac Clean
Ken Martin’s voice by Patrick Nixon

Te cast and crew of Wildest Dreams look forward to entertaining you. For further details about the play or Santiago Stage please contact us through our contact form on this web site.

Santiago Stage End of Year Financial Statement

Dear Santiago Stage members and fans… Although it has previously not been customary for us to publicly publish accounts. In the interests of you our members and fans I have brought this new policy into play for the past year and will continue with this policy for future years. Each January 1st we will now publish our accounts for the previous year.

At the end of a difficult year that sadly due to factors beyond our control, saw no production realized. I am still proud to say our fiscal frugality in maintaining low running costs has lead us to turn a small profit. Taking into account the settlement of accounts for 2012 which suffered with delays in their settlement, thus they have been accounted for in the 2013 period. The company donated funds to two charities, each receiving the sum of Chp$100,000; Fundcaión Nuestra Hijos and Fundación Granja Educativa Terapéutica Caracol.

Please find below a summary of of 2012/13 and a balance of our financial status.

Happy new year.


Zenan Delaney

Santiago Stage End of Year Financial Statement 2012-2013

All figures in Chilean Pesos


Services 168,390
Props 80,437
Set materials 176,062
Printing 594,506
Marketing and PR 88,830
Equipment 68,001
Concessions for resale 161,684

Sub Total 1,337,910


Sales 1,427,000
Sponsors 161,840

Sub Total 1,588,840

Gross profit 250,930

Donated to charity 200,000

Total net profit 50,930

Treasury Reserve 1,000,000

Working capital carried forward from 2011 280,000

Total net capital 1,330,930


Castings for Wildest Dreams

2014′s headline play Alan Ayckbourn’s Wildest Dreams…

Four misfits gather to play a fantasy role play game. An unlikely bunch… Hazel, a frustrated repressed woman & Stanley her meek sex starved husband. Are joined by emotionally retarded, computer nerd schoolboy, Warren and Rick a taciturn lesbian. This is more than a game, it’s a chance to be everything they are not. Each have a quiet life at home and escape to live out their fantasies. All harmless fun, that is, until the advent of Marcie, a young model escaping from her violent husband. Wildest Dreams will Transform more than just your game!

WD cover stage logo o Green


By The Lighthouse Theatre Company

By The Lighthouse Theatre Company

Proudly presents one day only presentation performed by 4 professional actors from the Lighthouse House Theatre Company of the United Kingdom.


Sandra Beck
Llinos Daniels
Robert Roe
Adrian Metcalf

Location & date:
Universidad de Los Andes
Saturday 27th April – starting punctually at 7.30 p.m.

Reserve your tickets now by clicking on the Webpage link title above for full details about this Play and how to reserve and pay for your tickets

> Lighthouse members – Break a leg from all at Santiago Stage

My best wishes


Thank you

Santiago Stage thanks all of you that came to see Mousetrap. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoyed entertaining you.

If you would like to be kept up to date on Santiago Stage production s and future events, please use our contact form to be added to our mailing list.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from all at Santiago Stage.16104_4118257281025_289001354_n


Santiago Stage proudly presents the diamond anniversary edition of Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap.

Come and celebrate Santiago Stage’s 4oth birthday with the world’s longest running play. Unravel the mystery of a double murder and try to stop a third.  Mouse Trap has been running for 60 years non stop in the West end of London. Santiago Stage now brings their diamond edition of Mousetrap to Santiago, dates below:

14th December, Universidad del Desarrollo, Aula Magna, Avenida Las Condes 12438 at 7.45pm

15th December, Universidad del Desarrollo, Aula Magna, Avenida Las Condes 12438 at 7.45pm

16th December, Universidad del Desarrollo, Aula Magna, Avenida Las Condes 12438 at 7.45pm

Tickets (prices in ChP)

Door $6000

Pre- sale $5000

Students $3000

Proceeds to local charities… Nuestra Hijos

For more information and bookings please call us on 09 88922026

Group bookings and prices on request.