Fortunes of Christmas

Fortunes of Christmas

Santiago Stage, Live at Flannery’s Irish Geo pub on Encomenderos, Las Condes. Opening on the Wednesday 8th December 2010 and running till Saturday 11th December. Santiago Stage’s controversial Christmas comedy “Fortunes of Christmas” will give more than just one or two surprises.

The show starts at 7pm and consists of four short plays on a festive theme, lasting around an hour in total. Arrive early to get a seat as tickets are only available on the door and we have a limited number of seats available.

Fortunes of Christmas is four plays designed for adults (no minors admitted, 18 plus only). The plays are;

Days of Our Mitzvah, written by Tyler Bradley, Kory Helmick and Jenny Etchels
Short Divine Comedy written by Eric Ferguson and Zenan Delaney
Return of The Messiah written by Zenan Delaney
Ebony Scrooge’s Christmas Carol written by DM Bocaz-Larson and adapted for Multimedia by Zenan Delaney


    Patrick Nixon
    Loreto Sepulveda
    Diana Monsalve
    Lautaro Aguirre
    Humberto Soriano
    Curtis Lull
    Felipe Valdivia
    Jenny Etchels

    Also Appearing:
    Zenan Delaney
    Mia Praught
    Joan Keane
    Michele Harvey
    Helen Huthnance

    Director of Cinematography and Film Editor – Fiona Woods
    Multimedia Director – Zenan Delaney

    Days of our Mitzvah, The Return of The Messiah and Ebony Scrooge – Directed by Zenan Delaney
    Short Divine Comedy – Directed by Mia Praught

    Producer – Zenan Delaney


Tickets $3000 pesos on the door, proceeds to local charities.

7pm, December 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th