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Full House

Another full house on the 2nd night of Monty Python’s Flaite Circus. Last night tonight, we recommend arrive early for a good seat.

Email from Monty Python Fan

Hi Zen Congratulations on your Monty Python show last night. There were several highlights. Your John Cleese silly walks came to the perfect climax when you jumped onto the table demolishing someone’s Irish Chips and then simulated a fall only to pop up in true Cleese fashion. I also enjoyed the performance by Raimundo as

Flaite Circus

An hour of English rib tickling madness as Santiago Stage twists some of the great Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketches into a new and Chileanized extravaganza. Don’t miss Santiago Stage’s “FLAITE CIRCUS”. Show runs 23rd, 24th and 25th November, starts at 8pm. Tickets $3000