60 Year Anniversary edition of Mouse Trap

60 Year Anniversary edition of Mouse Trap

Santiago Stage’s mysterious play “The Mouse Trap”! Many ask can it truly be, are Santiago Stage really going to do the worlds longest running play… Agatha Christie’s Mouse Trap? Rest assured we plan a diamond edition befitting of such a great play and a tribute to the 60 years it has graced the boards.

Why such mystery the public asks! I’ll only say this, “In a murder investigation everyone is under suspicion, even the director!”

Many are frustrated that we keep the details of the play from them… I’ll say this, I am not obliged to divulge details of the investigation!”, At least not until we can be sure of who the murderer is!

A few more days and the investigation will be complete, stand by, check local press, surf your social media… The Mouse Trap is about to be sprung!