Mousetrap… Trewhela’s

Mousetrap… Trewhela’s


*If the above image is blurred, this is because you have not yet seen the play and so, who did it, is not yet clear! If you saw the play and it’s still not clear… We recommend you go to see the play a 2nd time, or repeatedly until this image appears clear!

Santiago Stage proudly presents
The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

The cast

Mollie Ralston – Elizabeth Yates (From The USA)
Giles Ralston – Patrick Nixon (From Northern Ireland)
Christopher Wren – Nicholas Lugansky (From Ukraine)
Mrs. Boyle – Joan Keane Buenaventura (From The USA)
Major Metcalf – Curtis Lull (From The USA)
Miss Casewell – Sally Rose (From The USA)
Mr Paravicini – Reinier Gonzalez (From Cuba)
Detective Sgt. Trotter – Zenan Delaney (From England)

Direction by Zenan Delaney
Co. Directed by Joan Keane Buenaventura & Maya Klimkova
Choreography by Nicholas Lugansky
Sound & Light operation by Maya Klimkova
Produced by Zenan Delaney
Co Produced by Maya Klimkova
Ast. Producer Zuzu Oliel
Set Design & Artistic Direction by Zenan Delaney

Thanks to all of you who helped in what ever way to bring Mousetrap alive, including…

Trewhelas School
TWB The White Box
Festival Cielos del Infinito
Scott Muebles
Mark Raymond
Flannery’s Pub
Eclipse Bar
Pablo Ahumada
Douglas Day
Alfredo Basaure
Sebastian Delaney Perret
Amaya Delaney Perret
Damien Kohan
Ken Shields
Becky Shields
Stew Mason
Steve Yates
Andrew Ward