Santiago Stage End of Year Financial Statement

Santiago Stage End of Year Financial Statement

Dear Santiago Stage members and fans… Although it has previously not been customary for us to publicly publish accounts. In the interests of you our members and fans I have brought this new policy into play for the past year and will continue with this policy for future years. Each January 1st we will now publish our accounts for the previous year.

At the end of a difficult year that sadly due to factors beyond our control, saw no production realized. I am still proud to say our fiscal frugality in maintaining low running costs has lead us to turn a small profit. Taking into account the settlement of accounts for 2012 which suffered with delays in their settlement, thus they have been accounted for in the 2013 period. The company donated funds to two charities, each receiving the sum of Chp$100,000; Fundcaión Nuestra Hijos and Fundación Granja Educativa Terapéutica Caracol.

Please find below a summary of of 2012/13 and a balance of our financial status.

Happy new year.


Zenan Delaney

Santiago Stage End of Year Financial Statement 2012-2013

All figures in Chilean Pesos


Services 168,390
Props 80,437
Set materials 176,062
Printing 594,506
Marketing and PR 88,830
Equipment 68,001
Concessions for resale 161,684

Sub Total 1,337,910


Sales 1,427,000
Sponsors 161,840

Sub Total 1,588,840

Gross profit 250,930

Donated to charity 200,000

Total net profit 50,930

Treasury Reserve 1,000,000

Working capital carried forward from 2011 280,000

Total net capital 1,330,930