Wildest Dreams 2014

Wildest Dreams 2014

Santiago Stage will present Alan Ayckbourn’s “Wildest Dreams” in May 2014. Venue and dates will be published in January.

The play is about a group of four misfits who play a Dungeons & Dragons type game in a typical suburban living room. Hazel is a frustrated and repressed housewife. Her meek sex starved husband Stanley and herself are joined by Warren a tech nerd and Rick a taciturn lesbian. To them the game is more than just a game, it’s a chance for them to be everything they are not. Beautiful, heroic and wise, qualities they do not posses in reality. The advent of Marcie escaping from her violent husband Larry blows apart the foursome and confusion ensues. Secrets spill and lives are upturned, before the end of the play lives are irrevocably transformed.

Wildest Dreams marked Alan Ayckbourn’s Royal Shakespeare Company debut at the Barbican Theatre in 1993.

Santiago Stage’s version of Wildest Dreams will be Directed Zenan Delaney

The cast of Actors is:

Stanley Inchbridge played by Earle Neil Gibson Lyman
Hazel Inchbridge played by Joan Keane Buenaventura
Warren Wrigley played by Humberto Soriano
Rick Toller played by Francisca Hoces
Marcie Banks played by Maida Del Solar
Austen Skate played by Carlos Celedon
Thelma Wrigley played by Jessica Leighanne
Larry Banks played by David Mac Clean
Ken Martin’s voice by Patrick Nixon

Te cast and crew of Wildest Dreams look forward to entertaining you. For further details about the play or Santiago Stage please contact us through our contact form on this web site.