Million Donation

Million Donation

Santiago Stage proudly announces the donation of our treasury reserve of one million pesos.

Linda Peek one of our former presidents and Leslie Hemery treasurer, together with older members of Santiago Stage chose the Municipal School of Rungue, in the comuna of Tiltil to receive our one million peso reserve. The funds which the old members had helped to raise has been put to good use, buying desks and chairs for the students of this under-privileged school in rural Chile.

The reserve had been sitting in the treasury and was not used, hence it was time it was put to use and Leslie Hemery (treasurer) was asked to formerly donate it to the School to purchase much needed desks and chairs.

Leslie and myself (Zenan Delaney) will be visiting the school in the new school year to meet with the principal, teachers and students to look at other ways in which Santiago Stage can help the impoverished children of Rungue.

Santiago Stage wishes all the people of Rungue a prosperous 2014.

My best regards to our members and fans, without whom wonderful achievements like this would not be possible.


Zenan Delaney
Santiago Stage